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Since the start of the initiative in 2007, the NSI has assisted in a 42.74% decrease in overall crime in the Central West End! Person crime (assault, homicide, rape and robbery) decreased 40%, and property crime (arson, burglary, larceny, and vehicle theft) decreased 43.06%. 

Central West End Neighborhood Security Initiative Annual Reports

The NSI provides yearly reports that include information pertaining to overall crime statistics for the Central West End, updates on the NSI's yearly progress and public safety, and other financials.

CWENSI 2014 Annual Report

CWENSI 2016 Annual Report

CWENSI 2017 Annual Report

CWENSI 2018 Annual Report

CWENSI 2019 Annual Report

CWENSI 2020 Annual Report

CWENSI 2021 Annual Report

CWENSI 2023 Annual Report

Visit our News & Media page for the latest on the NSI!

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