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Neighborhood Outreach

Our part time Neighborhood Outreach worker is Alvin Ferguson. Prior to joining the NSI, Alvin worked for St. Patrick Center for over 20 years. Alvin connects with the unhoused members of our community, encouraging them to engage with local services and remain accountable to themselves and the community. Alvin firmly believes in positive interactions of spirituality, empathy, and compassion to form healthy relationships with those in need.

Al & Melissa-Jan 2024.jpg

Outreach Team

Meet Alvin & Melissa: Compassionate community leaders, they dedicate their time to supporting our unhoused neighbors by handing out essential supplies during their engagements.


Alvin and Melissa’s dedication and empathy have made a significant impact, ensuring that those in need receive the care and support they deserve.


To help us cover the supplies, please check out our Amazon WishList here. If you prefer to coordinate a donation from elsewhere or make a cash contribution, call our office at 314.454.5808. For tax donation receipts, fill out this form. Connect with Alvin directly at and be part of this meaningful effort to uplift our community.


For more news updates, visit our News & Cases page.

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