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Our full-time Court Advocate tracks criminal cases that involve the Central West End, and promote neighborhood safety by encouraging participation in court proceedings. Washington University Medical Center dedicated the funding of this position.

Madeline, CWENSI.png

Central West End Neighborhood Security Initiative Neighborhood Advocate

After many successes following cases through the court system and presenting impact statements, it was clear that the Central West End (CWE) and Forest Park Southeast (FPSE) could benefit from having a full-time Neighborhood Advocate. Washington University Medical Center dedicated the funding of this position and in November 2012, a search committee made up of CWE and FPSE stakeholders sorted through and met with a host of candidates.

The Neighborhood Advocate will work on behalf of the neighborhoods in the circuit and city courts of the City of St. Louis. They will be responsible for tracking criminal cases in the CWE and FPSE neighborhoods while working closely with various neighborhood groups, the St. Louis Metropolitan Police Department, attorneys, staff of the Circuit Attorney’s Office, and court personnel.

With this position, we hope to build stronger communication between the courts and the community, appropriate sentencing and bonds for offenders, and higher representation from neighborhood stakeholders at court hearings.

If you were a victim in the Central West End, DeBaliviere Place, or Forest Park Southeast neighborhood, and would like Madeline (the current Advocate) to accompany you to court or discuss the court process, please reach out to her directly at


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