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Security camera footage helps police nab robbery suspect in the CWE

A man captured on surveillance has been charged in connection with a robbery and burglary that happened in the 4600 block of Lindell Blvd.

Around midnight on June 17, Archie Jones, 61, was armed when he followed a victim into a building. He took items belonging to the person before fleeing the scene.

The Central West End Neighborhood Security Initiative reached out to business owners near the area and obtained security camera footage showing Jones. The images were then turned over to the St. Louis Metropolitan Police Department and supplemental patrol for further investigation.

On June 25, St. Louis police spotted Jones in the 4600 block of Lindell Blvd. He was arrested and charged with first degree robbery and burglary, and has a $30,000 cash only bond. The NSI later learned that Jones has also been charged in connection with other crimes in downtown St. Louis.

The NSI's Neighborhood Advocate will continue following this case and have updates as they become available.

The NSI works diligently to keep the community safe and aware. If you have information on crime occurrences in the Central West End, please contact the NSI or St. Louis Police. For more information about crime and prevention, visit our Crime Prevention page.

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