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NSI invited to participate in upcoming 'State of the CWE' community forum

The Central West End Neighborhood Security Initiative will join the Central West End Association’s first neighborhood forum of 2018.

Residents are invited out to share their ideas at a series of forums being held throughout the year on issues to help the community stay informed. Topics will include real estate and commercial development, crime and prevention, and more. The first forum will cover the various organizations that serve the Central West End and their accomplishments, along with an update on the real estate market.

Come out and share your thoughts and ideas with other neighbors to help continue the growth, change and exciting things happening in the Central West End!

Presenters for the first forum will be:

Jess Batchelor, Central West End Association Kate Haher, CWE Business Commercial Improvement District Abdul-Kala Abdulla, Park Central Development Corp Brian Phillips, Washington University Development Corp James Whyte, CWE Neighborhood Security Initiative Amy Howell, Mittelstadt Realty

Event Details:

Location: Biome School, 4471 Olive Street, St Louis 63108 Date/Time: January 17, 2018, 6:30 p.m. - 8:00 p.m. Event Description: State of the CWE

For more info on NSI's ongoing efforts, click here.

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